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Marketplace Academy welcomes you to our Chaplain Resource Center (CRC)!


 Coaching Checklist for New Chaplains (The checklist for the coach is accessed through the Chaplain Leader's Portal)

Coaching Checklist (for New Chaplain)

We've now added links below for the Ministry Forms for requesting a hospital visit and for providing death information for funeral visits, etc.  These can be accessed from the index or from the links below.

      Deceased Information Form (Blank PDF) (Form-fillable Word doc file)

      Hospital Information Form  (Blank PDF) (Form-fillable Word doc file)



There are several menu screens but the  Index of CRC Resources  on the left might be a good place to start!  Please take a few moments just to browse around.   

Although some of the materials are video, most of our training materials are in "PDF" format.  PDF files may be printed or viewed online or downloaded to your computer for future reference.

If you are looking for something you don't see or have other questions, please click on the "Contact Us" button.